Alternative treatment options for naturally treating addiction

Battling physical addiction is very difficult on its own, without adding the side effects of medication and 12-step treatment schemes. People have a wrong perception about dealing with addiction and this is the main reason behind relapse. Traditional treatment schemes can be more uncomfortable than the patients believe, and they may influence the patients to give up one step before completely curing themselves from addiction. Instead of choosing traditional methods for overcoming addiction, people have numerous alternative treatment options they can try, for an easy way out of this situation. Here are some of these options:


Acupuncture can visibly reduce the negative impact of substance addiction in one’s life. Of course, relying on acupuncture only is not recommended, but combining it with other alternative and complementary therapies will most likely lead to success. Acupuncture helps patients stay away from the previously abused substance by relaxing the body and suppressing the effects of the lack of the substance in the body.

Acupuncture influences the way mesolimbic dopamine neurons function, which lead to modifying the behavior of brain neurotransmitters. More serotonin is released into the body and this change leads to reducing the need of consuming the respective abused substance in the future. Addiction recover and acupuncture are strongly correlated and many clinical trials have been launched to sustain this point of view. Ibogaine treatment centers and acupuncture are both just as helpful in overcoming addiction as long as you are willing to try.

Holistic therapies

  • Chiropractic care

There are many benefits corelated with chiropractic care. In addiction recovery, it can help with relieving stress, giving the patient emotional comfort, decreasing the pain caused from withdrawal and many more. A misaligned spine can stop the chemicals in the body flowing in the brain, which leads to damaging results. Chiropractic therapy can help these chemicals flow free again, balancing the brain’s functions.

  • Guided meditation

Overcoming addiction through mindfulness and guided meditation is possible, as long as it is taken seriously and followed on a regular basis. Addiction numbs the mind and disconnects it from the body, while guided meditation does the exact opposite. Mindfulness is the key in overcoming addiction.  

  • Yoga

In yoga classes, you learn to be more self-aware while improving your posture and health. Trying a few yoga poses while engaging in guided meditation can speed the recovery process tremendously. Combining yoga with guided meditation is the most powerful combo to stay away from relapsing.

  • Nutritional support

Try holistic rehabs if you want to reset your nutrition. In rehabs, a nutritionist will give you a strict dietary plan to follow while you are there. Most holistic rehabs also include yoga classes and meditation classes. A better diet backed up by physical movement will bring you a wide range of benefits.

  • Reiki

Reiki is a technique used to reduce the levels of stress in the body. It is also known as energy healing and it’s great for people who need to relax deeply.