Stand out with these hairstyling ideas

Looking perfect on a daily basis means more than just putting on a great outfit, requiring you to focus on hair and makeup as well, for an overall visually pleasant image. If you feel like you are uninspired with your hairstyling choices lately, perhaps you need a few ideas on the matter and perhaps try […]

Alternative treatment options for naturally treating addiction

Battling physical addiction is very difficult on its own, without adding the side effects of medication and 12-step treatment schemes. People have a wrong perception about dealing with addiction and this is the main reason behind relapse. Traditional treatment schemes can be more uncomfortable than the patients believe, and they may influence the patients to […]

Trendy Short Haircuts for Men

This year promises to bring back some of the best short haircuts for men that have ever existed, and they are inspired from the 1920s Prohibition era, and from 1950s rock ‘n’ roll icons like James Dean, who wore his hair shorter on the sides, longer on top and slightly styled with pomade.

Reasons to consider going to barbering school

  If you have been contemplating on choosing a different profession lately, analyzing your options is of course recommended. If you have always had a keen eye for beauty and style, perhaps becoming a hairdresser or a barber might be something worth considering. This type of career choice comes with a wide range of perks. […]

UK online shopping facts and stats in 2017 – so far

  In the United Kingdom, online behaviour in terms of fashion products has changed considerably, since more than 90 per cent of households have internet access. As a consequence, in the past years, the internet has become a popular destination for people interested in shopping. This has forced traditional stores to improve and keep up […]

Choosing the right haircut – men’s edition

  A simple haircut can change the way you look more than you would think, this is the reason why getting your hair styled at just any salon is not recommended, but instead searching for a good barber might be the better alternative. However, besides having your hair styled by the right person, choosing the […]

Street gothic fashion ideas

  Recently more and more women try gothic outfits, because this heavily accessorized fashion style, with heavy dark makeup seems to be a huge trend. And if you take a look online, you will notice that well-known fashion designers launched multiple collections featuring darker clothing items. You may think that it is not appropriate to […]

Tips for keeping your tattoos vivid longer  

  Most people think that the actual struggle of getting a tattoo happens before doing it: choosing an idea, deciding upon a design and finding the right artist for the project. While this sounds like a lot of hassle, you should also be aware that things do not end the moment you leave the salon. […]

Book your prom hair salon appointment online

It is a well-known fact that the Internet has become people’s number one resource for virtually everything they need and consumers today resort to the world wide web to look, find and resort to services, shop for clothes, shoes, electronics, furniture and even groceries. Unfortunately, there is something that people still can’t do on the […]

Buy printed ribbons in the UK for your hair salon!

Owning a hair salon, like any other service providing business, is not an easy task and many managers see themselves facing serious debt and client loss in the first years of activity, mainly due to a lack of inspiration when it comes to making their parlor stand out amongst the rest. The secret to any […]

Where can one find effective hair treatments?

Women love beauty treatments, this is a general truth. The fascination women have about this world is one easily noticeable to all those interested. As expected, the dedicated market has increased in terms of size. There is a growing number of options and alternatives interested women can use when it comes to beauty salons. Also, […]

How can hairstylists choose the appropriate software?

Hairstylists are said to do wonders with hair. Even individuals that have bad hair days should visit a hair salon and ask for the services of such a specialist, because the result will be surprising and not to mention, impressive. However, since a hairstylist is highly demanded, you can imagine that the schedule could easily […]

Amazing Short Hairstyles with Bangs 2014

Not many women are opened to the idea of wearing bangs. However, we can assure you that certain hairdos can work miracles, especially for women who want to adjust their face shape. There are some amazing haircuts which are included in the short hairstyles with bangs 2014 trends that can flatter any figure. The asymmetric […]