Be a trendsetter – dye your hair in the colour of the year     


Fashion is changing every year, and this is available for hair styles and colours too. You will notice that some designers decided to dramatically change the style from the last year, and some decided to go on the same line. Some of them focused only on hairstyles, but others considered that it is time to change the trend in haircuts and colours. If you do not have time to study the trends for this year, you can receive useful advices in a session of Ottawa hair styling. Hair stylists are the ones that viewed all the fashion shows, and after analysing them, they are able to tell you what is new, and to adapt the trends according to your face construction and skin tone.

Colour trends

If you are a blonde, then you are a lucky person, because you only have to personalise your colour. This year the star of hairstyles is the dip-dye. This means that you can maintain the blonde, and dye the ends of your hair in pink, blue or mauve, as Gwen Stefani or Gigi Hadid have done.  If you do not like blonde, then you should dye your hair in “ronze’, which is the term for the combination between copper red and bronze brown. This shade goes well with every face construction, and it is a great choice for the ones that have fair skin. If you are a person that wants to experiment with hair colour, you can choose one of the rainbow’s colours, because they seem to be the stars of the year. Go for a lilac hue as Katy Perry did, a pink shade as Julianne Hough, or blue as Kelly Ripa.

What about the cut

Well, if you are not satisfied by changing only the colour, then you should know that this year is about long locks, and not short cuts. Therefore, you should let your hair grow, and try one of the hairstyles that designers promoted. Many designers considered that is time to bring back the braids, so you can ask your grandmother to teach you how to do it by yourself. In addition, you will be amazed to know that this year the high ponytail is back in trend, and if you want to achieve a more romantic look, and are not a fan of the diva look, you have the option of pulling your hair halfway through an elastic. It will create a look of semi-finished loop.