Beautiful Short Haircuts for Round Faces

It is fairly important to know what criteria to follow when choosing a haircut. The way we cut and style our hair should be dependant on the shape of our faces and heads, on the texture and even color of the hair. We are all different and unique, and each part of our bodies is unique, which is why we must know how to adapt trends and fashion to our own needs and preferences. In what follows we’re going to take a look at some of the best short haircuts for round faces. When you have a round face, your haircut needs to hide the extra roundness and make your cheeks seem thinner.

Usually, the most appropriate short haircuts for round faces are those that leave strands of hair hanging and framing the face. However, people with round faces can wear both short and long hairstyles as long as they manage to elongate their features. When it comes to longer hairstyles, women can opt for a haircut just below the chin, or even a bit longer. Layered haircuts are effective because the hair falls gently around the face, especially when it features long layers. If your stylist advises it, you can even have sided bangs, but full bangs rarely are suitable because they shorten the length of the face, thus counteracting the rest of the hairstyle.

Because you want your hairstyle to elongate your features, having straight hair is one of the best short haircuts for round faces. You can have it styled with a middle part, and let it fall gently on your shoulders. The exact length here doesn’t matter, as long as the hair is, again, below the chin. You can also add long layers to a straight haircut like this, but never shorter ones because they add too much volume to the sides of the head. Furthermore, the haircut doesn’t necessarily need to be straight cut, as you can have some angles, or a rounded cut.

When you’re searching for short haircuts for round faces, try to avoid any bobs, even if they’re below the chin. While they may work for certain round faces, they usually widen the features, so it’s always better to go for something longer, eventually with an imprecise style. You can also add a bit of curl to your hairstyle, but make sure the curls are heavy and thinned.