Best Short Haircuts

If you like short crops and you are interested in every new short haircut which comes out, then you should take a couple of minutes to read our article which aims to present you the best short haircuts out there.

Short hairstyles seem to gain in popularity more than ever these days, mostly due to the fact that they are low-maintenance and permit women to keep their hair in its natural state. You might be tempted to say that medium-length haircuts can also give women the chance to apply less styling product on their hair, when styling it. But, let’s face it, even if long and medium hair can bring out the sex appeal a woman has and make women look more sensual and alluring, they also come at package with an increased risk of hair getting tangled, matted and thus break and fall out more easily. If you think for one second, short hair doesn’t require you to comb it very often, in order to stay untangled and smooth. Moreover, you don’t have to keep it in a ponytail, when you don’t have the time to wash and style it. If you’re to make a comparison between a pixie haircut and a shoulder length haircut, you will probably understand better what the difference is.

Back to our best short haircuts, we should mention that the sleek bobs, inverted bobs or asymmetrical bobs seem to be the most requested short haircuts around. These styles are ultra-versatile and they fall in the category of face framing haircuts, which go well with almost all types of face shapes; not to mention that they are appropriate for teens, as well as for older women to sport. Bob styles allow women to style their tresses according to their needs to look more alluring or more elegant, or according to the events, where they are invited.

They are closely followed by the pixie styles which, even though may look more masculine and boyish, can make women over 40 look younger and young ladies look cute and sexy. The flipped shag hairstyles are also appreciated lately. They keep hair longer than pixie styles and come with flipped tips. Generally, these styles put symmetrical layers into the hair and they can be worn by women with fine hair, who need to add more volume to their hair.

Last but definitely not least in the best short haircuts, we should mention the spiked haircuts for women, which seem to suit rebellious teens or those needing to show off their uniqueness and strong personality.