Choosing the right haircut – men’s edition


A simple haircut can change the way you look more than you would think, this is the reason why getting your hair styled at just any salon is not recommended, but instead searching for a good barber might be the better alternative. However, besides having your hair styled by the right person, choosing the right haircut is also necessary, and that is also something you need to decide yourself. There are many tips on the subject, which you will come across on websites such as The Adult Man, but here are the most essential aspect to consider:

Hair type

The first and most important thing to think about when you are trying to decide on a haircut is your hair type and texture. If you have thin, straight hair for example, the perfect style for you would be a classic one, such as a slickback. For curly hair, modern edgy fades, and angular undercuts will function best, not requiring a lot of effort in terms of styling it later. Thick wavy hair is probably the least pretentious hair type, going with almost any option you want.

Face shape

Even if you might love a particular haircut and it may look extremely good on another person, , if it is not suitable for your face shape, it is best to choose another alternative. For example, while a fade haircut might make you look your best, a taper option might not actually suit you. If you are lucky enough to have an oval face, you will be able to choose what hairstyle you want, because this is the only face shape that actually can. For round and oblong faces, sharp angles, a lot of volume and longer sides are the perfect options, while diamond faces will look better with a shorter haircut. Make sure you know what type of category you fit in, and then look for inspiration on the internet – you will have plenty of options to choose from.


Sometimes the haircut you go for should not be selected based on what looks best on you solely, because there are other aspects involved as well, such as profession. The way you style your hair should be appropriate for the environment you are working in. Although nowadays, profession is no longer such an important factor as it used to be, in the way one dresses or chooses to cut their hair, sometimes obtaining that professional look is something you might desire. If you work in a formal environment, or you have a high position, for example, opting for something more classic is recommended.

Your haircut can have such a major impact on your overall appearance that you should make sure you have opted for the right style. A proper chosen haircut will also give you a confidence boost, so next time you make an appointment to your barber, make sure you take into account the tips mentioned above. Although usually, your hairstylist will be able to choose something that fits you properly, sometimes you need to know yourself what works best for you.