Cute Short Haircuts for Daring Girls

In the past couple of years short haircuts seem to have gained a lot of popularity, proving once again that women can be sweet and sexy even if they don’t have long and romantic locks. In this article we’re going to take a look at some cute short haircuts for daring girls who aren’t afraid to try something radical. However, first we have to mention that not every type of face or shape of head looks good with very short hairstyles, or that at least they have to be adapted by a skilled stylist to hide certain defects.

For example, round faces aren’t very advantaged by short haircuts because they’re made to look even rounder and full. A second tip would be that you also need a bit of attitude and guts to pull of really extreme haircuts, so take some time to reflect and see if cutting your beautiful long hair won’t end up disappointing you. One of the most interesting cute short haircuts for women that we’ve seen is the pixie cut, wonderfully sported by actresses like Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan. Both ladies are blonde, which makes a great combination with the pixie.

Between the two cute short haircuts, we preferred Michelle’s because it comes with a twist. She had a very extreme side part made, with long bangs pulled over the forehead and fading into shorter strands of hair on the crown of the head, to add a bit of volume when you style it. The sides of the head were left with short to medium hair, but you can choose to have it either way you like. If you’re truly daring, then you could cut one side very short, to add a sort of punk feel to it.

When it comes to cute short haircuts, the actress who takes the Oscar is Halle Berry, who has been sporting these hairstyles for over two decades. This year, she too wore a pixie cut, but hers didn’t have a parting. Again, the sides are shorter than the top, but they’re still medium length so they can be slightly styled and curled, or pulled in ringlets. As for the top of the hair, it is styled sort of randomly and pulled in various directions, probably using some medium hair wax. Short haircuts make women feel empowered and independent, and this year they really make a statement in fashion.