Cutting your hair short – what you should know

Generally, once the idea to switch from long to short hair has started to gain shape in your head, it will stuck with you for a long time, until you find out something that disillusions you or you pay heed to your urge and finally do the deed. Before you get a fresh start makeover and cut your hair short, you should keep in mind that certain things will change in your daily hair care ritual. The first thing you should do before asking your hairstylist to cut it short, you should ask him or her what he or she thinks about the new haircut and whether it will fit you. Certain face shapes do not go well with short hair and a professional hairstylist will know exactly whether you can pull it off or not. Go to a reputable hair salon like Starz Hair Boutique to ensure that your hairstylist has the qualifications and experience to give you this type of advice. Instead of taking a plunge, you should read the following list of things you should ponder about before making your decision.


Shorter hair – lighter hair

It is logical, the longer the hair, the heavier it is. This means that weigh down curls and relaxed waves are to be expected when you have a long hair and the opposite happens once you cut it short. Do not expect your hair to look the same even if you style the same way as in the past. Lighter hair equals looser curls and less hairstyle options.


Change your hairstyle tools


If you go from long to short hair, the old curling iron will not cut it anymore. You will need a tinnier and smaller one to match your short hair. The same applies for all your hairstyling appliances and tools. You might even feel the need to change your hairbrush, so prepare yourself for a big investment.


You will spend less time at the salon


The shorter the hair, the easier it is to style it. The alternatives are less, but you will no longer have to stay an hour to get some simple curls just like you did in the past. You hairstylist will be able to finish the most complex hairstyles for short hair in a couple of minutes, not hours.


Change your wardrobe


There are certain outfits that match a short hair better than they would a long hair and you will now be able to wear them. A drastic change in haircut usually means more money spent on clothes at least the next few months, as well as ditching some old clothes that no longer match your style.