Edgy Short Haircuts for Women

If you thought that only long hair can define your femininity, you should know that a cute and trendy short haircut can also bring out your sex-appeal, if you know how to rock it properly. Moreover, if you are a middle-aged woman, a short edgy haircut can make you look younger and another advantage one such haircut has is that you can reinvent it over and over again. So, if we’ve caught your attention and you are ready to find out more about the edgy short haircuts available for women, take a couple of minutes to read the following lines.

The first edgy short haircut we want to present you is the asymmetrical bob style, which is quite a popular option women have lately, when cutting their hair short. If you want to have a closer look at this hairstyle, you can browse the Internet and search for a few pictures of celebrity Victoria Beckham, who sported this edgy short haircut for many times now.

Another style which can be classified among edgy short haircuts is the mid-length bob with bangs, which frames all face shapes beautifully and can work for each and every hair texture. This type of hairstyle can be worn with a side parting or center parting, depending on how much of your face you want to show. Once again, you can use the Internet to get a better idea about what this hairstyle is all about. Sometimes, a picture can spare you the time of reading detailed descriptions of certain haircuts. We should also mention that women who have a long face won’t go wrong, when adopting a mid-length bob with front bangs or side-parted bangs. On the other hand, if your face is round or oval, you can also try this hairstyle, as you are guaranteed to flatter your appearance.

Another category of edgy short haircuts is that which comprises the edgy pixie styles. These styles can help you look gorgeous and unique and they are low maintenance, which means that you won’t have to spend too much time, when arranging your hair. If you dare to experiment with your hair, you can copy one of Rihanna’s favorite styles, which is an edgy pixie that implies shaving one side of your head and leaving long strands on the other side. Yet, this style is more for daring girls, so if you need to look age appropriate, you should get back to the bob style options, when cutting hair in edgy hairstyles.