Facts on Pixie Haircut

These days, women have plenty of options, when it comes to haircuts and hairstyles. Indeed, we can consider ourselves very lucky, unlike men who seem to have fewer options, when cutting their hair. Actually, the only options men have refer to a few very short haircuts, although some men seem to be interested in medium-length haircuts as well, which should make them feel more special and bring out their unique personality. On the other hand, we can all agree to the fact that women are even willing to copy the haircuts which fall into the category of masculine haircuts. It is no wonder why there’s such a huge diversity in the hairstyles for women, since now women can choose among haircuts for long, medium and short hair. Anyway, in what follows we will tell you more about the pixie haircut, which is a very popular style that both teenagers and adult women seem to be willing to wear.

From the very beginning you should find out that this haircut has to do with very short cropped hair, so if you know that you are a rebellious teen, or a woman who wants to have a bold haircut which can make her stand out from the crowd, then this haircut will surely suit you style and personality.

However, we can not say that this haircut is new around, as it was worn by many rich and famous women of the past as well. For instance, you should know that the pixie haircut, as well as other masculine haircuts, has gained success among women thanks to various celebrities who no longer appear on stage, on TV or in fashion publications. So, you will probably be surprised to hear that this haircut was primarily worn by Mia Farrow and Twiggy back in the 60s and then as women began to copy their stars, the hairstyle gained more and more popularity. Moreover, Elizabeth Taylor, just a few days before filming started for “The Girl Who Had Everything”, cut her hair very short in the pixie style. Audrey Hepburn is another famous actress of the past who caught all eyes on her during the filming of “Roman Holiday” due to her new, short haircut in the pixie style.

Well, as you can see the pixie haircut represents a hairstyle which has come a long way and we can say that, these days, it still is a stylish haircut which can make every woman look unique and sexy.