Layered Short Haircuts

There are quite many layered short haircuts you can choose among, yet if you want to show more of your beauty, you should select wisely among them and see what sort of short layered hairstyle makes you look more feminine and attractive; a good tip would be to take the advice of your hairdresser, when selecting your layered haircut, as pros will always come up with better ideas than yours.

Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

If you have thin, fine hair and you encounter difficulties, when turning to a new hairstyle, you should know that most short styles which put layers into your hair are ideal short haircuts for fine hair, as they can bring more volume to your hair and help you arrange it easily, without causing it to fall out or break.

Edgy Short Haircuts for Women

If you look to find out more about the edgy short haircuts for women, you should hear that these hairstyles can really help you bring out your sex-appeal, if you know how to rock them properly; among the options you have, when selecting among such haircuts, we can mention the asymmetrical bob style, the mid-length bob with bangs and the edgy pixie style.

Trendy Medium to Short Haircuts

If you want to select your new hairstyle among the trendy medium to short haircuts, you should know that the haircuts which fall in this category are ultra-versatile and they can meet various needs women have, when attending business meetings or cocktail parties; among the options you have, we can mention creating twists and turns in your hair cut to neck-length or adopting a graduated bob style.

Modern Short Haircuts for Women

If you want to cut your hair short, you should choose among the modern short haircuts for women available around which can help you look trendy and stylish, without having to spend a great deal of time, in order to arrange your hair; there are plenty of options you have, when cutting hair short, yet the bob styles, pixie cuts and even the boyish haircuts are the most popular lately.

Short Haircuts for Oval Faces

If you look to find out more about the short haircuts for oval faces, you should know that the oval face is considered to be the most versatile face shape, which goes well with almost all hairstyles you can find around; so, if you have an oval-shaped face, you can consider yourself very lucky, as you can feel free to experiment with new haircuts which can even bring radical changes to your look.

Short Haircuts for Curly Hair

A common problem most women with long, curly hair seem to have is that their hair is more prone to breaking and tangling; so, if you know that your curly hair looks unhealthy and damaged, the best way for you to help it is to select a modern and chic haircut from the category of short haircuts for curly hair; an inverted bob or a short pixie style can look great on you.

Girls Short Haircuts

There are many girls short haircuts among which you can choose, no matter if you seek for more daring haircuts or elegant and chic styles; the flattering short hairstyles with bangs, the asymmetric short haircuts, the inverted bobs and the pixie cuts are just a few names of the hairstyles that all young ladies can try, in order to look feminine and sexy.

Short Haircuts for Square Face

If you are among the women with square faces, you should know that you have plenty of short haircuts for square face among which you can choose; most women with square faces look their best, when cutting their hair into different bob styles, so if you want to enhance your appearance, you should definitely select your new haircut among blunt, inverted or chin-length bobs.

Vibrant and Modern Short Layered Haircuts

There are many short layered haircuts you can try if you’re tired of the same short haircut with nice and tidy edges; by adding both long and short layers to a bob or pixie cut, you create definition, texture and volume, and some highlights will complete that look making you look daring and dynamic.

Best Short Haircuts

If you are interested in every new short haircut which comes out, then maybe you will be happy to find out more about the best short haircuts available around; you should know that the sleek bobs, inverted bobs or asymmetrical bobs seem to be the most requested short haircuts around and they are closely followed by the pixie styles and the flipped shag hairstyles.

Beautiful Short Haircuts for Round Faces

If you are looking for some short haircuts for round faces, it doesn’t really matter what you opt for as long as the hairstyle doesn’t have short layers, because those add lots of volume; furthermore, your chosen hairstyle should at least exceed your chin, so that some of the roundness of your face is hidden.

The Best Short Haircuts 2013 has to Offer

When it comes to short haircuts 2013 doesn’t seem to bring much novelty compared to last year, but there are some variations and changes in styling that makes them trendy and vibrant, especially if you have the guts to sport them with daring colors like intense red, light blonde or with colored highlights.

Short Blonde Haircuts

If you are a blonde woman, you should know that there are many awesome short blonde haircuts you can choose from, in order to make other women envy your beauty. The short layered pixie hairstyles, the graduated bob styles and the short choppy and layered flipped hairstyles are just a few types of haircuts that you can try.

Ingenious looks with the Colour Ribbons collection

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Advantages of Very Short Haircuts

If you wonder why very shot hairstyles are so popular, you should know that such haircuts are easy maintainable and come with a series of advantages that you will not get, if you want to wear your hair long; among the most important advantages of very short haircuts, we can mention that they hold the key to solving dandruff and hair loss problems, as well as to preventing tangled or matted hair.

Cute Short Haircuts for Daring Girls

When it comes to cute short haircuts, the bob haircuts and the pixie cuts are the most popular and trendy lately, but they are also very daring and impressive, proving that women can feel independent and empowered, while still being very sexy, feminine and attractive.

Short Bob Haircuts for 2013

If you want a haircut that is trendy, yet never out of style, any variation of short bob haircuts works this year, so you can choose whichever style you like and which suits your features; however, women with curled hair should be careful, because the bob can make your head look like a triangle if you don’t get it layered.

Timeline of Short Haircuts

Short haircuts for women started to be popular in the 1920s, when they became more independent and were also inspired by cinema starlets; they were also very popular in the 1960s, thanks to actresses like Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe, both of whom proved you could still be feminine, sensual and cute with short hair.