Ribbons, ribbons, ribbons – or how to boost your child’s creativity

At a young age, it is important to get your child involved in various activities. In order to enable its practical skills you want your child to get crafty. Having them involved in DIY activities, you will develop the feeling they are important and cared for. Ribbons are versatile supplies when it comes to DIY projects. Besides, there are so many options when it comes to styles, colors and designs and there are so many places where you can buy ribbons online.

Below are a few ideas of DIY project you can get your child involved.

1. Make a ribbon Christmas tree ornaments

All you’re going to need is various pieces of ribbon, 19” long, a marker, some beads, a ruler, a thread and a needle. You can involve your child in the measuring process and by holding your pearl beads, but you have to make sure to be careful around them with the thread and needle.

First, measure and mark the ribbon at 2 3/4”, 2 1/2”, 2 1/4”, 2”, 1 3/4”, 1 1/2”, 1 1/4” and 1”.  Take your thread and needle, knot it at the end and insert pearl bead through. Next, you have to make sure you secure the ribbon on the top of the bead by going through it at the first dot you marked. You will continue by adding another pearl bead and then going through the ribbon again. You will have to repeat these steps until you finish going through all the marks on the ribbon. At the end, secure your Christmas tree with another pearl bead on the top. There you have it, your homemade Christmas ornaments, and you also got your child involved in the process.

2. A Halloween wreath

You are going to need is a plain straw wreath, ribbons of different colors, width and patterns, and a pair of scissors. This is an easy, fun and safe way to spend some time with your children, having a cup of hot chocolate and boosting their skills and creativity.

First, you want to wrap your wreath in one of your ribbons, a plain one, preferably. Then, you will have to cut pieces of ribbons and simply knotting them around the wreath, alternating them. If you want to fancy up your decorative wreath, cut the ends of the ribbons in a “V”. The safest way to involve your children in this activity is by you doing the cutting and your children the knotting job.  So here it is, your festive Halloween wreath!

3. DIY bookmark. And it involves ribbons

The supplies you are going to need for this little project involve a ribbon, elastic hear ties, thread and needle, a pair of scissors and some buttons. First, measure the ribbon at the desired length, depending on the size of the book you are going to use it. Add some extra length for sewing and folding it. To make sure your bookmark is going to resist in time, fold the ends and sew them. On one end, place one of your buttons and sew it. On the other end, before folding the ribbon insert an elastic hair tie, and then secure it by sewing. The end! To mark your pages, just slip your new bookmark through them and them secure it.