Short Bob Haircuts for 2013

The year 2013 is here, and it looks like the Mayans got their calculations a bit wrong. However, any stylist or designer could have told you that, because the world couldn’t have ended in 2012 when we already new what the trends for 2013 were going to be. Leaving the jokes aside, it’s time to see what this year brings in matters of hairstyles, and today we’re going to focus on some short bob haircuts. It’s true that bobs have been very popular in the past two or three years, but we haven’t had enough of them yet.

The amazing thing about bob hairstyles is that they are very versatile, so you can always adapt them to suit your features, or to be in trend with the latest fashion concepts. That is why short bob haircuts are fashionable this year as well, but also because they can suit any type of face, especially for women with a defined jaw line and a nice neck. Women with round faces can wear bobs as well, but only if they exceed the chin in length, so this article doesn’t concern them much. Furthermore, while bob haircuts work best on straight or slightly wavy hair, it’s more difficult to make them suit curly hair, because they can make the face look like a triangle unless you get the right layers.

One of the best versions of short bob haircuts for this year is the perfectly classical one. This means that the hair reaches the nape of the neck in the back, but it’s slightly longer in the front, below the ears. Side bangs work very well with this hairstyle, but you can avoid them if they don’t advantage your features. What’s great about this haircut is that you can style it in various ways, thus having a versatile aspect. You can wear it straightened and pulled behind the ears, or slightly curled and voluminous, for a more rebel and romantic look. This is a great choice if you want to try something new and more dynamic but are not that convinced that very short hairstyles would suit you; the bob is universal, it can have various lengths, and can be adapted to every type of hair or shape of face.

If you want some business-like short bob haircuts, you can have a version similar to the one above, only with a middle part and full bangs. Not everyone can pull this off, as it works best with straight hair. Finally, sun-kissed wavy bobs are also very popular, but the hair should be the same length everywhere, except the front, where you can have it a bit angled to frame your face. If you are looking for more inspiration on different types of bob haircuts, visit On that website, you will find numerous haircut and hairstyle ideas.