Short Edgy Haircuts for Teens

If you are a teen interested in looking good and you want to catch all eyes on you every time you step out the door, stick close and read our article, as in what follows we will present you a few ideas of short edgy haircuts for teens. As you probably know your hair can be your best accessory, so you should play around with it and arrange it the way you like, taking into consideration a few facts like your face shape and personality though. Anyway, these days we have haircuts for all types of face shapes and hair texture, so it shouldn’t be too hard to select a haircut to your liking which should also look great on you.

Well, the next thing you need to take into account, aside from your personality and style, is whether you are an active teen, or a person who would rather stay more indoors and watch television, play computer games or do whatever else indoor activity. You should know that your activity level can also help you decide on what haircut to turn to. More active teens usually need more daring hairstyles which can go well with their spirits. So, if you feel that you are among such teens, then we suggest you to try a bold haircut like a short edgy hairstyle in the faux hawk style. If you like you can use the Internet, in order to get a few pictures of women sporting such haircuts. Miley Cyrus is just an example of the famous teens who like to stand out from the crowd with such haircuts. Generally, these short edgy haircuts require a texturizing balm, a hair spray, a blow dryer and a comb to arrange. After applying the styling products, you should use your comb to arrange the top section of your hair up and out, making a flip at the crown of the head. The rest of the hair should be left smooth on the sides. These hairstyles are so great for your girls because they can be casual and easy to wear every day, but they can also be made into short hairstyles for prom, or some other more elegant occasion when you want to feel more feminine and delicate.

On the other hand, if you don’t like daring styles and you are not among the rebellious teens, you should try an edgy bob style, which is more like a flirty style for young ladies. These hairstyles are extremely versatile and they can use bangs to add more interest to your look. You can opt for a blunt bob or an asymmetrical bob which puts more layers into your hair. If you like, you can also cut your hair short into a sleek one-length bob with side-parted bangs, which you can use to show more of your face, or less. If you want to find out more about the short edgy haircuts for teens, you can feel free to visit various online sites.