Short Haircut Ideas for Thick Hair

If you are among the hardworking women who have little time to arrange their hair in the morning, or you simply are a mom and you need to take care of your children and you don’t have enough time to care for your long hair, stick close and read our article, as in what follows we want to introduce you to a few short haircut ideas, which can help you figure out what short hairstyle would advantage you the most.

Well, to begin with, we need to tell you that the best way to look your best, when cutting hair short, is to consider the hair texture you have and whether you need to add volume to your hair or, on the contrary, keep it natural looking and use no hair styling products on, when styling it. If you have thick hair, you should consider yourself lucky, as there are innumerable short haircut ideas you can go for. The only thing which can narrow down your options is the type of face shape you have, as generally very short haircuts will reveal more of your face; thus you need to figure out what sort of short hairstyles will go well with your round, oval, square, long or whatever else shape of face you have.

Anyway, if you don’t have a round face which permits you to cut your hair in pixie styles, spiked styles and generally in hairstyles which keep hair very short and put in evidence more of your face, you can go for chin length bob styles which can put front bangs or side-parted bangs into your hair, allowing you to cover your forehead and face as much as you want. Luckily, inverted bob styles and sleek bobs can go well with thick hair and they can be adjusted by your hairdresser, so that to enhance your facial feature as well.

Another suggestion we have for you is to trim layers into your hair and go for a chin length cut. However, if you want to adopt a short layered or asymmetrical hairstyle, you have to know that you need to trim your hair’s edges at least once a month, in order to maintain its shape. Additionally, you will have to style your hair using hair wax or mousse, so that to keep layers well separated.

If you look to achieve a classy look, then among other short haircut ideas for thick hair, you should turn to cutting thick short spikes into your hair. This haircut is ideal for business women or women who have a busy work schedule all day long.