Short Haircuts for Oval Faces

These days, we can say that women are quite spoiled, when it comes to arranging their hair and cutting it in different lengths. Yet, hair experts advise women to consider their face shape, so that not to go wrong with their new haircuts and avoid wearing a hat, until their hair grows back to an acceptable length. However, in what follows we are going to discuss about short haircuts for oval faces, so if you are among those with such face shapes, stick around and keep reading!

Well, from the very beginning we have to tell you that you are among the lucky ones, as your oval face is considered to be the most versatile face shape, which goes well with almost all hairstyles you can find around. So, in other words, we can say that you can feel free to experiment with new haircuts which can even bring radical changes to your look. So, if you have the guts to try a dramatic haircut which will attract all eyes on you, you can rush to your hairdresser and let him/her know about how you would like to have your hair cut. We know for sure that your hairstylist won’t try to stop you, as long as you have an oval-shaped face. So, you can decide on your own what new haircut to select, without having to worry that that hairstyle won’t be appropriate for you to wear. Yet, since we’ve promised to present you a few short haircuts for oval faces, in the following lines we will stick to introducing you to certain short hairdos which you might want to consider, when cutting hair.

The first styles we want to recommend you to try are those which refer to bob haircuts. Many women with oval faces adopt such haircuts, because they are ultra-versatile and help them style their hair quickly and easily, without making use of too much hair styling product. Moreover, if you want to look your best you should go for layered bob styles which keep layers at the high of your chin, lips or cheekbones. On the other hand, you should avoid short layers at the top of your head or blunt bobs which will not advantage your face shape.

If you are more in favor of super short haircuts, you can try trimming your hair into a pixie style, which implies cutting hair close to your scalp. Of course, you need to have thick hair if you want to adopt this specific haircut.

There are more short haircuts for oval faces out there, and if you want to read more about them you can go online and visit a couple of specialized sites.