Short Haircuts for Square Face


Well, you probably know a lot regarding the tons of hairstyles and haircuts available out there, yet we want to draw your attention to the fact that selecting a new haircut could be challenging if you take into account that haircuts should enhance facial features. Moreover, most women are fully aware of the fact that their face shape can dictate them to cut hair in a way or another. So, the first thing you should consider, prior to trying a new haircut, is the type of face shape you have. Generally, people’s faces are categorized as round, square, oval, diamond, triangular or long faces. You should know that the most common categories refer to round, square, oval and long faces. The other two categories are rare and we can say that the haircuts addressing them also come in fewer options. Anyway, if you have a square shaped face, stick around and read the following lines, as we propose to give you a few ideas of short haircuts for square face.

So, as mentioned above, those with square shaped faces can consider themselves lucky, as there are plenty of options they get, when visiting their hairstylists and cutting hair. You should know that your face shape can go well with different sorts of hairstyles which generally involve trimming layers into hair, or putting bangs into it. These haircuts are right for a cube face, as they can help to soften it up a bit.

Now that we have made clear what types of hairstyles you can adopt, we can move forward and present you a few short haircuts for square face among which you can choose your new haircut. Of course, you can choose to keep your hair long or medium, yet you should know that short haircuts work best for square faces.

Most women with square faces look their best, when cutting their hair into different bob styles. If you also have a big, large forehead, then the best option for you is to cut your hair into a blunt bob style. This style keeps your hair at one length and the front bangs cover your forehead. On the other hand, you can select a sleek bob with side swept bangs among other short haircuts for square face, as these types of bangs will also help you enhance your forehead’s appearance. Chin-length bobs which are soft and layered can frame your face beautifully as well. Inverted bob styles can also come in handy, when softening your face up a bit. These styles are angled and cut shorter in the back and left longer in the front to enhance face shape.