Street gothic fashion ideas


Recently more and more women try gothic outfits, because this heavily accessorized fashion style, with heavy dark makeup seems to be a huge trend. And if you take a look online, you will notice that well-known fashion designers launched multiple collections featuring darker clothing items. You may think that it is not appropriate to wear gothic outfits on a daily basis, because people are used to see women that dress like everyone else. Well, if you like this style, you can include gothic elements in your daily outfits, without being considered immature. Goth subculture is no longer misunderstood. Alongside with the well-known spines and chains, there are multiple other elements, as the ones you find here, you can accessorize your outfits.

Wear gothic accessories

The simplest way to include gothic elements into your outfit is to wear different types of accessories. You can take a look online and see if you find a gothic silver bracelet you can match with your daily outfits. If you have a clear idea on how to mix and match your outfits with this type of accessories, then you are good to go. If you want to achieve an edgy look, then you should buy a skull bracelet, because it looks bold and it is an extremely fashionable element. There are so many models of gothic accessories on the market, you will definitely find one to match your style. Also, you can accessorize your outfits with satchels and big black bags. You can complete your look with a pair of sunglasses.

Let your hair do the talk

If you like wearing black outfits, then you do not have to dye your hair in a dark color, because you can achieve a gothic style with a bolder shade choice. It is the time to break the usual, and see what other options you have when it comes to gothic hairstyles. Now you have the possibility to play with ombre styles and pastels. You can dye your hair in an electric shadow, or you can opt for a deep red. Also, you can combine different shades to achieve a more complex look.

Gothic makeup is simply amazing

If you take a look on the market, you will notice that fashion houses promote strutting dark berry lipstick on their runways. You have the possibility to go for an ombre lip style, and combine two different shades of lipstick, a darker one with its lighter version. The trick for a gothic makeup is to focus on your lips and opt for a natural look for the rest of your face. You should not use heavy white foundation anymore, because you will look better if you stick with a foundation in the color of your skin tone. When it comes to eyebrows, there is no established rule; you choose whatever you think it complements your natural beauty. Gothic makeup relies on smokey eyes, but if you do not want to wear heavy makeup during day, you can use some black mascara. If you like, you can wear black lipstick, but you also have other options of dark shades, and even ombre styles when it comes to lip styles.