Tips for keeping your tattoos vivid longer  


Most people think that the actual struggle of getting a tattoo happens before doing it: choosing an idea, deciding upon a design and finding the right artist for the project. While this sounds like a lot of hassle, you should also be aware that things do not end the moment you leave the salon. Once you get inked, you will have to learn what you must do in order to prevent the tattoo from fading. Body art is very pretentious, particularly because of its “canvas”: your skin. And no matter which of the many men tattoo designs you choose and how careful you are, in time, the ink is likely to fade and colors will become less vivid. This process is totally normal, but fortunately there are certain things you can do in order to slow it down and keep your tattoo bright and clear as long as possible. Here are some pieces of specialized advice you need to know:

Initial care is extremely important

The first days after you get inked are crucial for the resistance of your tattoo. Taking into consideration that this period is the one where pigment penetrates and is fixed into your skin, protecting it will make the color stay rich and vivid longer. A properly healed tattoo will last ages, which is why experts say that cleanliness is the key. For this reason, you will have to use a special anti-bacteria soap during the first weeks, as well as a fragrance free lotion, to make sure the derma is well moisturized. Avoid applying any type of perfume on the inked area, because this may cause rashes and irritations.

Avoid direct sun exposure

During the first weeks after getting the tattoo sunbathing is completely forbidden. This is mostly due to the fact that it sensitizes the skin, facilitating irritation and wounds. But besides that, sun is the most common reason for tattoo fading, so watch out for it if you are planning to keep the ink fixed on your skin for a lifetime. IR, UVB and UVA rays damage the superficial layer of your skin, where the pigment is located, thus speeding up color fading. So while you obtain that golden tan you want that much, the ink gets absorbed by skin cells in the epidermis. If all this sounds too complicated, just remember that sun is the enemy of tattoo longevity and you must avoid it as much as possible.  

Use more than just sunscreen

If you want to keep the ink bright and vivid, you will have to go the extra mile and take a step further than traditional sun screen. There is a particular solution that is very popular at the moment on the skin care products industry: bleach free skin brighteners. Of course, you will have to choose the one that suits best your skin type, but rest assured it will help you preserve the ink longer. In addition to this, you should avoid exfoliators and keep the derma hydrated at any time.