Trendy Short Haircuts for Men

Men’s haircuts are never as complicated as those for women, but that doesn’t mean that everything is random here, or that any hairdo will do. Today we’re going to see what the trendiest short haircuts for men are and who can sport them with success. Many of this year’s hairstyles are inspired from Prohibition-era styles, vintage-inspired haircuts or even celebrity special styles. However, take into account that these hairstyles don’t always work for every type of hair, so it’s best to find something that suits you.

Prohibition High-and-Tight

One of the most interesting and masculine haircuts worn by men this year is the Prohibition High-and-Tight. If your hair stylist doesn’t know what that haircut is, show them a picture and they’ll get it because it is not difficult to accomplish. To begin with, this hairstyle only looks good with straight hair, even if it’s fine or thick. You may have seen this haircut lately, as many Hollywood celebrities kept wearing it after playing 1920s bootleggers or gangsters as Tom Hardy did in the movie Lawless.

How To Achieve It

The way this haircut works is that the sides are very short, fading down into the nape of the neck, whereas the top is at least one inch and a half long, with blunt edges. Without a side part, there is no point to this haircut, so make sure you have it. In order to keep it that way, you need an efficient hair conditioner.

Mainstream Hipster

Fortunately, there are always short haircuts for men that also attract attention, dramatic styles if you want, like the Mainstream Hipster. This is a very modern hairstyle, and it works better with straight to the slightly wavy hair of fine or medium texture.

How To Achieve It

This haircut has shorter sides as well, but they can be of medium length, whereas the top of the head needs to be at least 3 inches long, so you can lift it and have volume. The front bump should be directed a bit to one side, and you should use a product to keep it lifted.

James Dean

If the previous short haircuts for men didn’t appeal to you and they seemed too difficult to achieve, then perhaps you will like the James Dean hairstyle better, because it is both masculine and sexy. You need to have wavy or curly hair to pull this off. The sides are shorter here too, and the top should be at least twice that length and blended. Use pomade and run it through the top hair, creating irregular curls.

What Is Your Face Shape?

There’s no hiding the fact that some specific hairstyles will suit certain face shapes better than others. If you want to look your best, you’ll need to figure out what is your face shape. How do you do that, I hear you ask? Follow the guideline accordingly:

  • Use a mirror, a comb and something soapy like a hair conditioner
  • Pull your hair back with a comb and hold it into place
  • Using something like a pencil, trace the outline of your head into the mirror
  • The resulting drawing in front of you will reflect either a square, triangle, round, oval or long face shape

Square Shape

If you have this face shape, it means that you have a wide jaw and high cheeckbones. These are the ways that you can take advantage of it:

  • Keep your sideburns short and hair above the ears
  • Have your hair relatively short but styled upward to elongate the face
  • Opt for longer beard which will lengthen the jaw

Triangle Shape

This shape is defined by a thinner cheekbone. The temple area extends to a wider jawline. Here are some tips:

  • Add width and volume to the top of your head by going for longer hair to balance out the jaw
  • A thick well-groomed beard is useful
  • A fringe can create the illusion of a thicker forehead


If your face is circular, follow these guidelines:

  • Short back and sides will appear to make your head longer
  • A side-swept fringe can provide contrast to your wide cheeckbones
  • Draw attention to the top part by spiking your hair upwards


This means that your face is longer than the width of your cheekbones and your foreead is wider than your jawline. Some tips for your head shapes are:

  • Don’t ever have a fringe
  • Create some volume at the top


Everything is in porportion. Your cheeckbones, jawline and chin are well-balanced. Some tips are:

  • Avoid long beards
  • Experiment with hairstyles
  • Don’t choose hairstyles that elongate your face