Vibrant and Modern Short Layered Haircuts

It is probably not even worth mentioning that short haircuts have been very popular in the past few years, so much so that they’re hardly even shocking or dramatic now. This doesn’t mean that they’ve become common, but they’re not something new either. However, this is what inspired us to search for some new and original short layered haircuts that are vibrant and modern. Unless you’re willing to try something daring, these haircuts won’t suit you because they need attitude.

One of the first short layered haircuts that we liked looks best with straight or slightly wavy hair; otherwise you’d have too much trouble trying to keep it straightened. This is a boyish hairstyle with shorter hair on the sides and at least four inches long on top. If you really want to attract attention, dye it in striking colors like red or blonde; as for styling, keep it straight on the sides and curl it on top, or make it look slicker with a few touches of hair wax. Thus, the hair can be pulled in all directions, but slightly drawn towards the front of the head, to add volume and texture.

If you prefer your hair a bit longer, you can still opt for some short layered haircuts that will make you stand out in a crowd. The hairstyle we’re talking about has full bangs in the front – which you can choose not to wear if it doesn’t advantage you –, and it has shorter and longer layers both in front and the back. This really gives texture to the hair – especially if you have highlights –, and you can wear it both straightened and curled.

There are also some more dramatic short layered haircuts in the style of the haircut we just mentioned. To achieve it, you need to have the hair cut with short layers on the sides of the head, but in the back as well. Colored highlights will make it look vibrant and rebel, but it is a hairstyle that you need to maintain at the salon every month. Imperfect layers and random curls are very cute and even sexy, and you can create them using iron curlers and some styling wax on both very short haircuts and longer ones. But if the hair is just too short for curls, add texture and a bit of volume using wax and running your finger through the hair to create definition and a damp look.